Fourth Grade

Our Fourth Grade students will develop problem-solving skills while refining multiplication and division facts. 

They will build an understanding of measurement, place value, algebraic equalities, fractions, and estimation.  Students will learn how to analyze and interpret data through probability and statistics.  Geometric shapes will also be introduced.

This year students will investigate and apply scientific concepts about Earth, Space, living systems, life processes, energy, resources, and matter.

Virginia history and culture will be explored as students make personal connections to their state. 

Students will expand their vocabulary and learn to analyze a variety of texts to foster their love of reading.  They will work to recognize different modes of writing and learn to write for a variety of purposes.

They will learn to respectfully communicate their ideas to others while also collaborating in diverse teams.

The Fourth Grade program meets 8:30-3:00 Monday through Friday.  This program is for children who have turned 9 by September 30th, 2022.

Redeemer Episcopal Day School
2341 Winterfield Road
Midlothian, Virginia 23113

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